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ZOIN Report September 2018

By Zoin Official Marketing Department1 October 2018 No Comments

:zoin:Dear True Zoin Community:zoin:

Firstly we like to inform you that Zoin is not re-branding as impersonating websites are claiming. Zoin is here since 2016 and will stay forever.


Important milestones from September and new members announcement:

14. September 2018 Zhao Kwok (Hong Kong) joined our team as position Core Developer, Java, Cyber Security Engineer. Zoin Team released new secure wallets that contains all the security features that offer top coins on the market. Thank you to Zhao and his hard and dedicated work for the Zoin Team, he released the new secure core wallets. This was a most important step of our roadmap to bring you a product that you can trust and anyone can verify.

More about wallet here:

25. September 2018 joined the team was volunteer Linda Sunshine (Australia) for position Media, Marketing helping us with administrative agenda.


Developer Funds were still not returned, by consensus of all our team members we decided if that funds will be returned (approximately 225 000 Zoin) we will burn them in blockchain forever to reduce available supply. These developer funds were stolen from the official team announced on 14 of JUN 2018 at the moment stolen developers funds are in the possession of NotAWiz4rd. He is a scammer that kicked off all initial member ZOIN TEAM.


Progress Report: We would like to inform you, that we already fulfilled 2 important point’s of our road map.

1.) Registered legal entity of Zoin 06 of July 2018 in Caen, France

2.) Secure wallet release standard v0.13.4.1 – 26.September 2018


:zoin:Zoin will continue development by the decentralized way which means we don’t want to own the developers funds or owner rewards.:zoin:

People working for Zoin are volunteers, they are working for free and investing their time developing Zoin by the decentralized way. We decided that every team member will provide the BTC and Zoin address, where the people can donate their hard dedicated work for Zoin Official, individually.

TECHNET Donation box will be purely for buying technology for ZOIN network (domains, nodes, infrastructure, etc), how the funds were spent will be in every monthly report.

We are still looking for people that can fill our team.

Information about team:



Please be careful do not use any page telling you about rebranding, it could contain a malicious code, our team members are getting heavy threats, extortion, abusive calls, stalking, racial attacks, attacking friends they have on their social platforms, this all was done from people calling themselves NOIR team (NotAWiz4rd, Jalil, Wolfsaack, Flo007), they plan all their attacks on discord platform. Zoin team never released version it should contain a malicious code or code tampering, last version released by the Zoin team was in May 2018 – and latest secure version 6 days ago. We started legal steps against people cyber squatting Zoin official, releasing Zoin products without written approval of the Zoin legal entity. Be very careful 3 scammers trying to push some Noir coin scam, no one knows who they are, no real entity, fake twitter profiles made a few days ago, as i mentioned before they’ve stolen developers funds from the team announced on the 14th of JUN 2018.



:zoin:Domains owned by Zoin official legal entity ::zoin: , , ,

Github :


Facebook :




About Discord, regarding Trust and safety team of that platform were not able to assure the safety of our members, even after reports have been sent to them, allowing threats of our members, including all i have mentioned, spamming exchanges, partners of Zoin, threatening, extortion of Twitter accounts and other social media platforms, we will will discuss and decide in the following months if we will abandon Discord and Telegram platform in the future. Our focus is to bring you new products, not dealing with abusive delinquents.


:zoin:YOUR ZOIN TEAM :zoin:

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