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By Zoin Official26 June 2018 One Comment

Dear Zoin Community,

We really want to thank you for your votes over the last week. We highly appreciate and value the support you show to Zoin. This community is fantastic and each of us is really proud to be part of this project and will be relentlessly dedicated to make Zoin great again!

Let’s introduce us and the vision we have for Zoin.


The Team

Username: ABU7NAKHT

Personal Information: Joel, born in 1985, France

Joel is an experienced multi-paradigm developer with strong numerical, analysis and design skills. He has focused on providing reliable software for open source projects, small businesses and large enterprises. Moreover, he declares to be an active open source community member always striving to understand new languages, features, technologies research, and how they might be applied in the implementation of software solutions. For the past 15 years he has specialized as a full stack developer using the technologies skills in Computing Hardware & Software, Finance, Branding, Design UI/UX, Digital Art and Web Development.



Username: Spawn7777

Personal information: Firdavs, born in 1992, UAE.

Firdavs has worked in the ORIENT finance bank, where he managed to learn all about server infrastructure and organization.He has graduated in Torino Polytechnic University, field IT automatization in the industry. He is very interested in programming and has experience in Java, C#, HTML5 and Assembly. He has additionally delivered front-end and back-end web projects.


Username: CamachoCrypto

Personal Information: Alex, born in 1995, Costa Rica.

Degree: Systems Engineer

Alex currently works at Amazon as a regional engineer for Latin America sites. His former experience was developed at HP for almost 4 years where he became a subject matter expert for software engineering. He also performed at IBM as a senior system administrator.



Username: Sebasovi3

Personal Information: Sebastian, born in 1999, Costa Rica.

Experience: Sebastian works at Amazon as an IT technician, being in charge of all IT communications across Latin America sites. Wide experience in graphic design mainly with Photoshop. As a former independent design consultant, Sebastian managed to deliver several logos and designs for numerous companies across Costa Rica.



Username:  QuandLune

Personal information: Jonathan, born in 1988, France

Jonathan has been working in several international IT projects in the oil and gas trading companies as business analyst and project manager. He is graduated from a computer science engineering school in France and from a management school in UK. He has experience with Java, C++, process management tools and database management. Jonathan has an extensive knowledge of the crypto eco system since he dived into this world in 2015.



Our Vision for Zoin

We envision Zoin to be a currency that one can actually use to buy things.
Not just a speculative asset in a portfolio, not just something you’ve got lying around for your financial security, but rather something you are using on a daily basis, whether it is to order something online, or to buy something in your local grocery store – we want you to be able to do all that with Zoin!

One of the main points that set Zoin apart from other coins is our community governance. We don’t want to develop a cryptocurrency for or by ourselves. We want to develop it FOR and WITH YOU! This is why all major decisions will continue to be taken by the community of Zoin.

But we don’t want to stop there. We want to integrate you even more into the development progress of Zoin. That’s why we want to encourage you to approach us with new ideas or general ways to improve Zoin and its surroundings, as well as every single bug you find.

This will help us in making the cryptocurrency we all want.




We strongly believe that Zoin has got a solid foundation developed by the previous team. We want to continue that path along with defining a global strategy to increase the visibility of Zoin.

Development-wise we want to finalize Android and iOS mobile wallets so that the Zoin community can store their coins in additional safe places. Shared Masternode service will be an important step to make every investor even more proud to hold Zoin. Update to BTC Core 0.16 is also planned, which will enable us to benefit from the latest performance improvements in order to make Zoin transactions faster and even more secure, as well the addition of Zoin with the Sigma Protocol. As a continuation from the previous team, voting from wallets will be finalized and implemented so that you can participate and be the main decision maker in the future of Zoin.

One of our main points of focus as a team will be to promote Zoin to increase its visibility across the entire crypto community. For that, we will also need to enhance Zoins usability by integrating it into real world use cases.

Developing a WordPress plugin enabling eCommerce sites to propose Zoin as a mean of payments will expand the use of Zoin. Also, we want to implement instant payment through QR codes in mobile wallets. We have the strong believe that we can further develop Zoin for the e-shops sector and individual micro-payments. These two cases will be the foundation to increase the usability of Zoin and expand our reach to new horizons. We are additionally looking into making Zoin a legal entity (e.g. a foundation) to easify exchange listings and other partnerships.

We want to thank you again for your support, this community is amazing and very insightful. That’s why, we will open a channel in Discord where every member can leave an idea or an insight for the roadmap. We will collect them and make a poll for you to choose which item(s) from the community you want us to add to the roadmap.


During the next week(s) we will update the website with the new roadmap and team, and also work with the old team to get everything transitioned over to us. We are also already working on a fix for the Zerocoin problem.


Thanks again, we hope to work together with you all to make Zoin the best project in the crypto sphere.

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  • Bitcoin Cadre says:

    A great team, we hope you’ll bring the entire roadmap to fruition and Zoin will regain some of its value. Zoin should be a long term hold and from my experiance, it has made me plenty of money even through the ups and downs. When the price is down, it is the perfect time to buy. Zoin will bounce back, it has for me and I remember the days when it was at 5cents. If Zcash is at 160 and Zcoin is at 16 – Zoin can be a far better coin with no premine. I think this team developing real world uses will help expedite the rise.

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