The team over at Zoin have a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the expectations of every development milestone. With NIX Platform upon us, we feel we owe it to the loyal Zoin community to ensure the growth and development of Zoin is a continual process. The time has come for the current team to hand the reins over to a new group of talented individuals aiming to bring fresh ideas and continue to achieve every development milestone set in line with the expectations of the community.

Because Zoin has always maintained a focus of being a community-governed cryptocurrency, it is only appropriate to allow the community to make the final decision on who comprises the new team. That said, we are pleased to announce we have been approached by a group of community members enthusiastic about continuing the development of Zoin in line with the community governed principles it champions.

You asked for a new team, we aim to deliver on that!


Presenting the potential team:

Lead Creative Full Stack Developer

Username: ABU7NAKHT

Personal Information: Joel, born in 1985, Morocco.

Experience: Joel is an experienced multi-paradigm developer with strong numerical, analysis and design skills. He has focused on providing reliable software for open source projects, small businesses and large enterprises. Moreover, he declares to be an active open source community member always striving to understand new languages, features, technologies research, and how they might be applied in the implementation of software solutions. For the past 15 years he has specialized as a full stack developer using the technologies skills in Computing Hardware & Software, Finance, Branding, Design UI/UX, Digital Art and Web Development.




Project Manager – Developer

Username: QuandLune

Personal information: Jonathan, born in 1988, France.

Degree: Graduated from an IT engineering school in France. MSc. in Management in the Cranfield University (UK).

Experience: IT business analyst for an oil and gas trading company. Salesman for an IT company with financial customers introducing big data and blockchains. After a marketing and sales role in IT in Paris, Jonathan now performs as IT innovations and risk analyst for a commodity company in Geneva. Coding knowledge includes Python, C++, Java with specialty in web scraping. Regarding marketing, he has launched ventures and done marketing for e-commerce platforms. Knowledge of affiliate marketing, inbound marketing, how to reach customers through impactful ad campaigns. He claims to be highly skilled when it comes to negotiation in IT commercial environment same as for managing team of consultants.



Lead Developer

Username: Spawn7777

Personal information: Firdavs, born in 1992, UAE.

Degree: Graduated in Torino Polytechnic University, field IT automatization in the industry.

Experience: Firdavs has worked in the ORIENT finance bank, where he managed to learn all about server infrastructure and organization. He is very interested in programming and has experience in Java, C#, HTML5 and Assembly. He has additionally delivered front-end and back-end web projects.


System Administrator – Developer

Username: CamachoCrypto

Personal Information: Alex, born in 1995, Costa Rica.

Degree: Systems Engineer.

Experience: Alex currently works at Amazon as a regional engineer for Latin America sites. His former experience was developed at HP for almost 4 years where he became a subject matter expert for software engineering. He also performed at IBM as a senior system administrator.




Communications Manager

Username: Sebasovi3

Personal Information: Sebastian Oviedo, born in 1999, Costa Rica.

Degree: Currently studying systems engineering and software development.

Experience: Sebastian works at Amazon as an IT technician, being in charge of all IT communications across Latin America sites. Wide experience in graphic design mainly with Photoshop. As a former independent design consultant, Sebastian managed to deliver several logos and designs for numerous companies across Costa Rica.  



To reiterate – acceptance of the new team is solely the responsibility of the Zoin community. The current Zoin team will not have the final say over who comprises the new team, nor do we endorse any given candidate. Rather, we will remain impartial and maintain an advisory role throughout the transition process, imparting our experience on whoever the community decides in order to ensure Zoin continues to develop in line with the vision of the community.

On that basis, the current Zoin team intend to open a room in the Zoin Discord channel where community members can discuss whatever they deem necessary with the potential team. A poll will then be held where members of the community can vote on whether or not they feel the nominees are the ones to lead Zoin.

Having said that, the current Zoin team are always open to community participation. If a member of the community feels (s)he has the skills and experience to lead Zoin, please feel free to contact a member of the current team.


To summarise:

  • The potential team is presented to the community.
  • A room is opened in the Zoin Discord channel where community members can engage with the potential team. The room is opened as soon as the potential team is introduced to the community.
  • After two days of the room being opened, a poll is held in the Zoin Discord for the community to decide whether or not they accept the candidates as the new Zoin team. This poll remains open for a period of 7 days from the commencing of poll.
  • If a consensus is not reached by community vote, the current Zoin team will continue to seek members of the community to form a new team.
  • If a consensus is reached, the elected are officially installed as the new Zoin team and the transition process continues as planned.


Zoin’s Discord:

Use #meet-new-team channel for talking to the candidates and soon a poll will be available in #voting.


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