In this simple follow-up post, i will show you how to simple fix, once and forever, the “no blocks resources” / “out of sync” Windows Wallet issue.

Before everything, let’s be sure to go to the Official Zoin Website to download the last wallet, version, with Zoinodes integration!

Scroll down and pick up your desired OS.

In this article, we will work on Windows (any version apply)

  • Images displayed are showing the previous wallet, version The procedure is THE SAME for the new one


Before proceeding you MUST backup your wallet.dat file that you can find in you AppData folder. You can even wipe clean all the zoin folder in AppData, but PLEASE backup your wallet file somewhere safe first.


Download the new Wallet , this case Windows one here


Step 2
VERY IMPORTANT : before extracting the .zip file, you MUST whitelist the file on your Firewall/Antivirus that runs on your system. If you don’t do so,  you won’t be able to fully extract the .zip file and the destination folder will be empty.

  • For Windows 10 users: you might want to follow these guidelines regarding Windows Defender


Step 3
Once unzipped, you will see this one and only file; for my convenience I rename as zoin_core.exe

Step 4
Now the most “tricky” but indeed simple part.
What we will do, in short, is to navigate from Windows Command line prompt (cmd) to the folder where our wallet .exe file is and launch it from there with the additional argument “-reindex” (without quotes).

Let’s click on the “start” icon on the bottom right or hit the “Windows four-flag ” key on our keyboard.
Search bar will appear and we type cmd, hitting enter

Congratulation, we are in Windows Command prompt

Step 5
Now we can navigate to our Wallet Folder and find our previously rename .exe file


Step 6
Home Stretch!
let’s issue the command:

zoin_wallet.exe -reindex

and we’re done.



Wallet Splash Screen will open nicely, giving the block reindex count.

Once finished reindexing, the Wallet will find his way trough Peers, and start syncing our wallet again.

When finished, close your Wallet by hitting “exit” in Wallet’s File menu.

Happy Zoining!!!!


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