Zoin ended all activities and team has been dismantled.

By Zoin Official Marketing Department10 October 2018 No Comments

:zoin:Dear True Zoin Community:zoin:

Firstly we would like to inform you that Zoin Team decided to end all our activities, after Betrayal from Cryptopia that decided to cooperate with people that stole 225 000 ZOINS and kicked off the team announced 14th of June 2018 https://zoinofficial.io/meet-the-candidates/ , fake identities called scam NOIR COIN.

Team was officially dismantled 10th of October 2018 7pm AWST (GMT+8). Our team members were getting multiple threats from Noir team members that publicly asked people to send threats, extort and send our pictures to neonazis groups to exterminate us.

We’ve done our best to bring you new product development sadly Cryptopia has declined our request and appeal, we are sorry but Zoin no longer exists. I thank all our supporters and team members for doing a great job and their dedicated work and wish them all the best in their professional and personal life.

How long it will take Cryptopia to switch from maintenance i really don’t know please raise this question to [email protected] We have our own private investment in Zoins, sorry now in some scam Noir trying to deposit to Cryptopia to sell it. We will shutdown our pages and infrastructure in following days.

If you have any questions about wallets, road map and complaints please contact the scammers that destroyed ZOIN [email protected]

Here is a very short example of screen shots that our members were dealing with these last months.


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