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We have decided to create a new and safe community for Zoin.

The reason behind this is, Max Werner (@NotAWiz4rd),  Jalil (@jalil), & Salvatore (@WolfIsaac), decided to take control over the Zoin, using an infected wallet to steal user funds. Created by the first (@NotAWiz4rd) team. They also stolen about 287k from developers fund of Zoin and removed our team. These assets are actually in possession of the one person @NotAWiz4rd. He created a fake Website .org & Facebook page, mail servers and github and has chosen to no longer work with the current True Zoin Team.

As the solution, we have decided to abandon those scammers. Registered Zoin as a legal entity as was announced in our road map plan in June 2018. We want inform our dear community, that Zoin Official will remain at (https://zoinofficial.io/), emails ([email protected]) and Github (https://github.com/zoinofficial/zoin) etc. You can download wallets, compile from https://github.com/zoinofficial/zoin source in linux, but can be also  compiled for other platforms. We will soon release our new safe official wallets that will be secure….

We have disabled, their fake twitter account and soon their fake website and all other malicious account’s they got, one by one by with our international lawyers. They try to do Brand Impersonation & Cyber Squatting which is punishable by the international law.

BE AWARE these are the FAKE Official Zoin website (https://official-zoin.org/), fake email ([email protected]) and Fake Github (https://github.com/official-zoin) etc.. ,  please refrain from downloading anything from them as we cannot ensure the safety of those infected links.


Lastly, we have made sure that a situation like this can not happen again by enforcing an internal policy and advertised them to the Police & Interpol we have nothing to hide.

They are hiding themselves behind fake identities. These fake accounts managed by @NotAWiz4rd  team will be disabled one by one… as a warning !!! Please note that all your coin assets are not safe they are using a infected wallets made by the previous team of the wizard scam.

Please inform everywhere about those scammers.

:parrotpoop:Max Werner:parrotpoop: (@NotAWiz4rd), Germany https://twitter.com/notawiz4rd

:parrotpoop:Salvatore:parrotpoop: (@WolfIsaac), Italy https://twitter.com/Wolftrade1000

:parrotpoop:Jalil :parrotpoop:(@jalil), Spain

More information’s are at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zoin-forking-really-whats-going-lee-chang/   commented by our dear investigator Mr (Lee Chang).

Thank you .

We wishes you all best regards

:zoin:The True Zoin Team:zoin:.

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